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You need how many? You need them when?? We've got it!

This Month's Solution from The President:  
Keeping inventory is very difficult for a number of our customers. Finding a secure space, knowing what you have in stock, cost of acquisition, stock gets old and outdated. Your job should be on wining jobs and doing the work not on managing inventory. Let help.

It’s as simple as contacting your sales representative, telling them what projects you are working on and what materials and when you will need them. For products that we normally stock, we will reserve them for you and keep inventory here ready to ship within 30 days. For items that you order on a regular basis that we don’t normally stock, tell us how many you order and how often and we will work with you to have those items added to our inventory. No other distributor will act as your stocking agent, and best of all you get our stellar sales team backing you with our years of industry knowledge helping you select the best products in the marketplace.

From simple patch cables to fusion splicers and test and measurement equipment, is your single source for all of your fiber optic and installation needs.
To help get you started, take a look below at our suggested product from We don't just sell products, we design solutions!

Chris LaBonge, President

Fiber Optic Product, Training and Rental Solutions 
Budget-Friendly Fusion Splicer that Packs a Punch
The PRO-790 is a perfect complement to our existing Fusion Splicer product line. The PRO-790 is designed to be lightweight (4.5 lbs) and can fit in the palm of your hand (just under 5 inches). The PRO-790 offers adjustable fiber holders which can accommodate 250μm, 900μm and 3mm fiber. Additionally, an SOC (Splice-On Connector) holder is also available. This unit provides performance and results typically only found in splicers costing thousands of dollars more! To accommodate the growing use of splice-on connectors, the PRO-790 even features a custom heat-oven holder designed specifically for splice-on connectors. 

PRO-790 Fusion Splicer - Product Promotion

For a limited time, buy a Precision Rated Optics PRO-790 Fusion Splicer and get a FREE Cleaning Kit - a $268.55 Value!  Offer expires May 9, 2015. Promotion is not redeemable for cash and is non-transferrable.  

The PRO-790 Fusion Splicer is a rugged, compact fusion splicer that quickly splices 250µm, 900µm and 3mm fiber, as well as Splice-On Connectors. Take a look at the Precision Rated Optics product overview video to see these great features for yourself! Click the video thumbnail or visit:

Fujikura 70S Fusion Splicer
The Data Center OTDR
For those working in data centers, this testing solution is the perfect fit. This kit comes equipped with DFS1 Digital FiberScope, launch box and a cleaning kit - everything to get you started on testing today!>> NOYES M310 SM OTDR
>> DFS1 Digital FiberScope
>> PRO Launch Box
>> PRO Cleaning Kit

FTB-1 OTDR Testing Solution
Designed for Efficiency 
The FTB-1 modular platform can keep up with your ever-changing testing needs. With a galaxy of modules available and optional software packages, the FTB-1 is your 1-stop testing solution.>> FTB-1 OTDR
>> EXFO Digital Video Probe
>> PRO Launch Box
>> PRO Cleaning Kit

Spring Cleaning — Save 20% OFF PRO Cleaning Kits It's always good to have cleaning supplies in stock and on-hand. To get you started on your inventory, for the month of April we are going to give you 20% off all Precision Rated Optics cleaning kits. Choose from a variety of kits depending on your specific needs. For basic fiber optic cleaning, the PRO Basic Cleaning Kit is an excellent choice. For those with MPO connectors, PRO's MPO Cleaning Kit comes with a MPO Quick Click™ Bulkhead Cleaner.Use the promotion code: 20PROCLEAN in order to receive 20% off PRO Cleaning Kits>>Precision Rated Optics Cleaning Kits 

Need more equipment for a short amount of time? Consider renting... Need some equipment for an extra job and can’t afford the purchase? has everything you need from power meter/light source kits to splicers & OTDR’s. Our equipment is from major manufacturers such as EXFO, PRO, JDSU and AFL. Check out our rental Remember if you don’t see what you are looking for just ask. 
>>Renttele Website - Fiber Optic Equipment Rental Rental Promotion
Also now with every 1-month rental, get a PRO VFL-5 Visual Fault Locator FREE - a $135 Value!!!

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Monday, April 27, 2015

What is the “Cloud” and why do I need Fiber to get there?

 Cloud computing is one of the hottest buzzwords in technology. It appears 48 million times on the Internet. But exactly what is cloud computing? In general terms the cloud refers to using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

According to research by Nasuni, there is over 1 Exabyte of data currently stored in the cloud. Okay if you are not familiar with Exabyte that equates to 1,073,741,824 Gigabytes of data. And this number is growing exponentially every day.

Technology has evolved almost immeasurably in the past several decades. To access the tremendous amounts data we need fiber networks that can carry Terabits—one trillion bits per second. That is an enormous amount of information passing at the speed of light through this one strand of fiber the size of a human hair.

Data centers of the past were copper-based with multiple DS1 and Digital Signal 3 (DS3, 45 Mbits/sec) lines handling the load of servers to an Optical Carrier 3 (OC3, 155 Mbits/sec). This OC3 would connect the servers to the network cloud or outside world. Copper dominated in a data center environment and the only fiber installed was that single line connecting the servers to the network cloud.

Today with applications such as iTunes, Netflix, Hulu and others and cloud computing/hosted servers, backup and storage, Microsoft CRM, hosted private branch exchanges (PBXs), web analysis tools and web hosting are driving enormous growth in data center server deployments. Data centers are offering rates at DS1, DS3, 5 Mbits/sec, 10 Mbits/sec, 20 Mbits/sec and up to an OC3, all connecting to the outside world via 10-Gbit Ethernet or 100-Gbit Ethernet connections from multiple providers. To alleviate risk, the data center architecture is evolving away from the previous copper DS1 and DS3 panels, to fiber panels with multiple connections to the client and to the cloud for redundancy.

As the amount of data in the cloud continues to increase, more data centers will be built, more fiber will be installed and older copper deployments will become new fiber installs. was established to help new contractors who are getting into the fiber field succeed. From training your technicians, equipment sales and rental and a sounding board to help you through job opportunities, whatever the job you have, we have the solution.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Master Fiber Optic Technician Course is Going on the Road brings Master Fiber Optic Training to five more cities this year

Master Fiber Optic Technician Training

Starting with the July training in Orlando, we will now be offering the TR-MFOT Master Fiber Optic Technician course in select venues outside our Main Campus in Pennsylvania.

Here are the dates for the upcoming classes:

July 27, 2015 – July 31, 2015 Orlando, Florida

September 20, 2015 – September 24, 2015 Dubai, UAE

September 28, 2015 – October 2, 2015 Dallas, Texas

October 5, 2015 – October 9, 2015 Las Vegas, Nevada

November 23, 2015 – November 27, 2015 Cape Town, South Africa

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Is your network documented properly?

This Month's Solution from The President:  
Is your network documented properly?
The chances are pretty high that your network is "documented" on some coffee-stained drawings in a filing cabinet, or it was current when the network was built but over time the drawings were not updated, or in some cases there is no printed documentation — but not to worry, all of the information is stored safely in the plant manager's head.

In 2010 we acquired a network solution software called FiberBase. Our interest in FiberBase stems from coversations with our customers. We've had a number of customers who have purchased an OTDR and whose major complaint is that there's no real permanent storage solution after removing the traces from OTDR.

AutoCAD and Visio are popular applications for storing network data, but like printed copies they often become dated and are not searchable so finding information can be tedious. This really opened the door for FiberBase.

Over the past few years we've had dozens of customers thanking us for creating FiberBase. They love how intuitive and easy the software is to use. Thanks to all of the feedback we've received, we've designed a solution that addresses all of your network asset management demands - from software and beyond. We are excited to unveil this new initiative for 2015. The “FiberBase Solutions Provider Package” allows you to use the FiberBase Enterprise Maintenance Fee if desired, as a credit towards any of our related services, such as data migration, training, products, network testing and documentation services. This promotion allows customers to take full advantage of the entire product portfolio and double the value of their purchase.

Chris LaBonge, President

This Month's Product Promotions: 
AFL Fujikura 70S Fusion Splicer Receives International Recognition
The Fujikura 70S was recently recognized by the Broadband Technology Report(BTR) Diamond Technology Reviews (“the Diamonds”) awards program, receiving high honors across the board. This program recognizes top products and solutions available to the broadband-cable industry, and is judged by an esteemed panel of MSO-engineering experts as well as highly regarded industry consultants.

The Fujikura 70S core alignment fusion splicer, one of the newer members of the world’s most proven and technologically-advanced family of splicing products from Fujikura, offers several enhanced features including a motorized wind protector and tube heater with the world’s fastest heating times; long-life electrodes provide 3,000 splices; and a high resolution, 4.73-inch color LCD monitor with 300X fiber magnification for improved visibility in low-light conditions.

>> More Product Info

Fujikura 70S - Product Promotion

For a limited time, buy a 70S Fusion splicer and get a an additional1,000 splice sleeves FREE- a $550 value!  Offer expires March 6, 2015. Promotion is not redeemable for cash and is non-transferrable.  

Video Inspection - Simple & Easy!
The Precision Rated Optics (PRO) VIP-35 is a handheld video inspection probe microscope which displays a connector endface for easy and effective inspection of both the bulkhead (female) and patch cord (male) fiber-optic connector ends. The VIP-35 quickly helps you identify defects and contamination. Adapters are available for a variety of connector types and there is even a video output port that allows you to view the results on a full size monitor!

>> More Product Info

PRO VIP-35 - Product Promotion

For a limited time, buy a Precision Rated Optics VIP-35 Video Inspection Probe and get a FREE Basic Cleaning Kit - a $268.55 Value! Offer expires March 6, 2015. Promotion is not redeemable for cash and is non-transferrable.  

Need more quipment for a short amount of time? Consider renting... has a large pool of rental equipment in stock and ready to ship. From OLTS kits to Core Alignment fusion Splicers and OTDRs. Our equipment is from major manufacturers such as EXFO, PRO, JDSU and AFL. Check out our rental Remember if you don’t see what you are looking for just ask. 
Renttele Website - Fiber Optic Equipment Rental Rental Promotion
Also now with every 1-month rental, get a PRO VFL-5 Visual Fault Locator FREE - a $135 Value!!!

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Friday, December 12, 2014 Presents
A new series of webinars:
Understanding Network Challenges from 1G to 100G
Understanding Network Challenges

What's it all about?
The massive growth of the internet demand has consistently driven technologies to scale at extreme rates of bandwidth. Throughout this series we will cover a broad spectrum of transport technologies, solutions and equipment used in today’s networks from the physical layer to the network layer that address modern growth requirements. We will take a look into many of the challenges faced with scaling a network as well as building it from the ground up. This series is designed for: Network Technicians, Fiber Plant Managers, Outside Plant Managers, Network Architects, Network Design Engineers, Network Consultants, Network Managers, Presales Engineers, and Consultants who design, deploy, troubleshoot and operate optical networks.
Find the Solution that Works for You

Not all networks are created equally
Where is your data going? Throughout an office building? Across 1000km? How much data are you trying to transfer? Will you need to scale your network? The factors that dictate your network are unique to your network objectives. During this webinar series you will learn about the different network solutions for a variety of situations and the types of equipment implemented in fiber optic networks. 

Join Us on December 18, 2014 at 3PM EST for the Introduction to the Series

Register to Join the Introduction Webinar 
December 18, 2014

3:00 - 3:30 PM
Eastern Standard Time
 Registration Fee:
FREE to Attend


Stay Tuned for Upcoming Webinar Dates

We've got an entire series lined up for you - Coming in 2015!
Topics will include SCADA, CPRI, DWDM and CDWM technology, Can you Hack Fiber, an overview of MPLS vs. Carrier Ethernet, and Protected Wave vs. Diverse Wave. We are looking for suggestions of what YOU would like to see featured as a topic and will do our best to answer questions as we cover the material. If there is something you would like to see please email us at We are very excited for the kickoff of this series and are looking forward to speaking with everyone next week!


End of Year Products for End for Year Budgets

You have end-of-year budgets, we have end-of-year products
We know what those end-of-year budgets are like and the rush to get products in hand before the end of the year. has the most popular products in-stock & ready to ship. 

PON-301B "Triple-Play" PON Meter
High Performance. Great Value. UNBEATABLE PRICE.
Rugged, reliable and designed as a "pass-through" device, the PON-301B "Triple-Play" PON meter can perform in-service testing of all three PON wavelengths (1310/1490/1550nm) from anywhere within the network. The PON-301B also features a "Burst Mode," as well as instantaneous "Pass/Warning/Fail" assessment.
1310 nm*
1490 nm*
1550 nm* 
Stores +2,000 Records
Color  Display
USB Port
Color LED Indicators
Triple-Play PON Meter
OLP-55 Optical Power Meter
Power Meter

*PON Meter has been Calibrated  for the specific wavelength

Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet "Starter Kit" From EXFO
Why Stop At Optical? Your Data Doesn't
The Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet "Starter Kit" is a complete yet simple test kit for field technicians to easily turn up, validate and troubleshoot Gigabit Ethernet that includes EXFO’sFTB-1 Mainframe with FTB-860G Module ($6,140) and BV-10-1000 Performance Endpoint($595). Layer 2 bidirectional testing utilizing RFC-2544 or Y.1564 as well as individual tests are all possible up to 1GB with this starter kit.
FTB-1 Mainframe with FTB-860G Module
BV-10-1000 Performance Endpoint
1GB Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet "Starter Kit"
(FTB-1Mainframe w/FTB-860G Module + BV-10-1000 Performance Endpoint - Shown in banner)
1GB Kit Hardware Ready for 10 GigAdd-on$2,160*
10GB KitAdd-on$7,360*
1GB & 10GB KitAdd-on$10,760*
*Transceivers not included

Need to Try Before You Buy? Take a 72 Hour Road Test Simply contact your sales representative who will place a demo order with EXFO who will ship a Layer 2 Gigabit Starter Pack (or equivalent) for you to field trial for 3 days. After this time period, the unit must be shipped back to EXFO (return ship label will be included) Demo unit request will be fulfilled based on schedule and availability.

OFL280 FlexTester All-in-One OTDR
All-in-One OTDR Solution from AFL
Coming in a variety of configurations and customizations, the Noyes OFL280 FlexTester OTDR offers an unmatched combination of fiber optic test functions, ease-of-use, portability, and value. All Noyes OFL280 OTDR models include an integrated single-mode 1310/1550 nm OTDR with PON-optimized and standard test modes, optical SM power meter, 1310/1550 nm laser source, and visual fault locator. 

View all Noyes OFL280 SM OTDR Configurations

Easy, Cost-effective DWDM and CWDM Solutions from PacketLight
Easy, Cost-effective DWDM and CWDM Solutions 
The PL-1000 and PL-300 Series WDM Solutions from PacketLight are a cost-effective way to scale your existing network from 4λ - 6λ or more. PacketLight is very easy to deploy within existing infrastructures and better on power consumption — Great for going green! Reduce or eliminate network down-time and outages during network upgrades by using a 1U solution. Your customers will thank you! 

View all PacketLight DWDM and CWDM Solutions

Equip Three Techs for the Cost of an OTDR - PRO OBL-201A
Buy Three Optical Break Locators for the Cost of an OTDR 
The OBL-201A Optical Break Locator is a high-performance optical fiber troubleshooters for locating fiber breaks and imperfections. Break results and details are displayed on a large LCD screen. At only 10 oz, this unit is extremely portable and user-friendly. The USB port and included USB cable make it easy to transfer data and perform updates.
- Short Dead Zone - Less Than 3m
- Backlit for Easy Operation in Low Light
- Rechargeable Batteries
- Data Transfer via USB Interface
- Interchangeable (SC/ST/FC) Connectors
- Built in VFL Port

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