Friday, January 20, 2012 Offers a Triple Threat in the World of Fiber Testing

Starting with the FTB-1-730, technicians have a tool with maximum connectivity. The FTB-1-730 is designed for users to test, process and report all while in the field. Portable, compatible and reliable, the FTB-1-730 starts out as the perfect tool for any fiber technician.

Adding the new iOLM software, the FTB-1-730 becomes an even more powerful testing tool. This software is designed to make any level technician an expert. The iOLM automatically performs link recognition, sets test parameters and launches multiple acquisitions and analyses at multiple
wavelengths. This reduces the number of technicians needed for a given project and reduces the amount of training needed by the technician.

Finally, utilizing TraceVault, users will have a convenient place to upload, store and share all the traces they test using the FTB-1-730. TraceVault is customizable to meet the needs of specific users and maintain control over the security of files. Because TraceVault is sold solely through it can be offered at a discount to customers who purchase products like the
FTB-1-730 and the iOLM software.

Paired together, the FTB-1-730, the iOLM software and TraceVault serve as a triple threat and can make any technician the most successful fiber tester in the business.

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