Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Missing the expertise needed to interpret your OTDR traces? No problem!

Maintaining a fiber optic network can be a challenge. In an industry that relies so heavily on the speed and accuracy of fiber installations, it is crucial that you are positive these installations meet certain specifications. Being able to quickly and accurately interpret fiber characterization test results is essential, but highly specialized. Having access to experts to help with your trace analysis is the ideal way to optimize your fiber optic network but those assets aren’t always available “In House”.

Expert Trace Analysis from third party professional optical and/or electrical engineers is the most cost effective way to identify problems within in a fiber network that is continuously growing, changing or aging. Third party analysis can provide network planners with an easy to read report containing the relevant OTDR data and certify that the link indeed meets certain specifications. Allowing an expert to perform bi-directional analysis saves you time, money and headaches. is introducing a new product that will provide customers with this beneficial service. TraceVault™ is your one-stop shop for storing, evaluating, and referencing all types of OTDR traces. With this service, you can request detailed analysis and an accredited certificate verifying that your traces meet specifications. Aside from our Expert Trace Analysis feature, TraceVault makes storing and organizing your OTDR results, and accessing your files directly from the field easier than ever. As an added bonus, this software will allow you to place an order for Fiber Characterization from our fiber experts with a few clicks of the mouse.

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