Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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This Month's Solution from The President:  
Over the past several years the capacity demands for cellular and data usage in sport stadiums and similar outdoor arenas have increased tremendously. At events where tens of thousands of people gather such as concerts and sporting events, operators must increase the number of available sectors to provide enough capacity to meet these demands.

Antennas around a stadium are usually placed far away from the telecommunications room at the stadium. Therefore without an active solution (based on fiber optic cables) the coverage from these antennas will not be effective. In this case the spectators will suffer from unreliable cellular coverage, such as: 
  • Poor calling quality
  • Slow internet services (throughput)
  • Dropped and missed calls
  • Equipment malfunction resulting in intermittent lack of service
Dealing with intermittent mass capacity requirements
The need for resolving these mass capacity requirements has captured the attention of every service provider. There are a number of potential solutions from permanent small cell installations to mobile temporary solutions.

The Solution
If you are a service provider or if you are a contractor working on a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) project, our services group, Adtell Integration can assist you with your project. Together, we can provide you with the materials, equipment and we can provide you with installation technicians to ensure your project is done on time.

To help get you started, take a look below at our suggested product from FiberOptic.com. We don't just sell products, we design solutions!

Chris LaBonge, President

Now Through 9/30/15, Get 2 Free* NFL Tickets to a Stadium Near You!
Through the month of September, FiberOptic.com will give 2 Free* NFL Tickets to every U.S. customer who orders $10,000 or more. Call for more details: (877) 529-9114. Read our complete promotion rules:  http://www.fiberoptic.com/promotion/

Go-Kits from Precision Rated Optics - Convenient & Economical
Precision Rated Optics has come up with the ultimate solution for anyone who touches fiber. What's easier than being able to grab your pack filled with everything you need for fiber optic installation, repair or maintenance? Well, nothing! Go-Kits from Precision Rated Optics are available in a variety of configurations suited to fit your industry needs. Call FiberOptic.comtoday and get the kit that is right for you! 

Available Configurations 

Fujikura 70S Fusion Splicer
The World's Fastest Splicer
The Fujikura 70S is a fully ruggedized, core alignment fusion splicer, providing consistent, low loss, splice performance. The new design streamlines the steps required to complete splices, resulting in greater productivity. “Configurable automation” features allow you to customize the operation of the machine to best suit your particular splicing technique and process. Not to mention, FiberOptic.com maintains ample stock of the Fujikura 70S, thus  reducing lead time and increasing your profitability/

FTB-1 Modular Platform
FTB-1 with iOLM - To the Cell Tower
Testing today’s Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) requires precise documentation and accurate data in order to detect events that maybe become issues in the future. Proper testing during installation will reduce costly repairs down the road. The best way to determine the signal integrity is through an intelligent Optical Link Mapper (iOLM). iOLM from EXFO removes the complexity from the OTDR. The iOLM is designed to simplify OTDR testing by eliminating the need to configure parameters, and/or analyze and interpret multiple complex
OTDR traces.

OFS-935C Fusion Splicer
PRO OFS-935C Fusion Splicer - Keep it Simple
The PRO OFS-935C from Precision Rated Optics takes away the excess and leaves you a price you can't beat. An economical standard package for this unit keeps the cost low and your inventory full! Reasonably priced and portable, the OFS-935C Fusion Splicer is perfect for Outside Plant, FTTX, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and more!

FiberOptic.com Membership - Save 2% on all orders!
Show Off Your Industry Validation with Membership!
The first step in showing off your industry certification is by joining FiberOptic.com's Membership Program. Membership with FiberOptic.com will allow you to post your resume, look for jobs, and build your profile based on your achievements.

In addition to having access to all these great resources, FiberOptic.com Members will be eligible to purchase items on the FiberOptic.com website at Members-only prices.

Members receive a 2% discount off of everything at FiberOptic.com!

Furthermore, FiberOptic.com Members can take advantage of various promotions throughout the year from FiberOptic.com Members-only newsletters. 

For less than $10 a month you have the previously mentioned membership benefits in addition to the ability to "Ask an Expert". Curious about which type of optical fiber to use for an upcoming job? Ask us! Not sure where to start with designing a network? Give us a shout - we are more than happy to help. These are the advantages of being a FiberOptic.com Member. Call your sales representative at 877-529-9114 or email membership@fiberoptic.com to request a membership account.

>> Membership Website 
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*Based on annual purchase of $95.00

† Not valid on promotional or discount pricing 

FiberBase Solution Provder Package (SPP)
Document Your OSP Network with FiberBase® Solution Provider Package Every network needs good documentation. The days of paper plans and memorized networks are antiquated and inefficient. With the increasing need to be able to quickly create, edit, and export your network, a proper network documenting software is absolutely essential. Now with the Solution Provider Package you get all the advantages of FiberBase and virtually double your money simultaneously!

For every dollar you spend on licensing, you'll receive one SPP Credit that you can apply to products, services and training offered through the Adtell Group. Apply your SPP Credits to data migration services and let us do the hard work for you. When we're done all you'll have to do is edit and maintain your network. 

FiberBase Benefit Highlights
  • Hierarchically List Your Fiber Assets from Map Regions to Signals on a Cable
  • Perform Complex Queries on Your Network Infrastructure
  • Reduce Truck Rolls
  • Locate Outages Quickly and Accurately from OTDR Traces
  • Integrate with Networking Monitoring Services
Solution Provider Package (SPP) 
  • "One-Stop Shop"
  • Earn one SPP Credit for every dollar you spend
  • Apply SPP Credits to products, training and services
  • Use SPP Credits for data migration
  • Effectively double your money

FiberBase Solution Provder Package (SPP)
OTDR Trace Analysis for Managers (TR-TAM) OTDR Trace Analysis for managers is a one-day online class with live, instructor-led lecture and exercises to train managers in evaluating the traces they receive and see potential issues that may create problems down the road. 

This class is designed to assist managers in understanding the complexities of understanding an OTDR trace. OTDRs can provide valuable information about loss and location of faults, but only if the person interrupting the results understands how to read the data. Join us on September 15th for this live online class for only $199. Call to register now: 877-529-9114.
Course Page: TR-TAM

Continuing Education Credits

*Each credit is equivalent to one dollar. Training Credits are not redeemable for cash. Training Credit Voucher is non-transferable. Cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.

*2 Free NFL Tickets Promotion Rules
*Promotion applies to residents of the continental United States only. The promotion does not include transportation, lodging, parking or food. Customers will receive two tickets to one game only. $10,000 must be spent on a single order. You cannot add orders to reach $10,000. Promotion is non-transferable and has no cash value. Promotion is not to exceed $200 per ticket. Promotion is subject to ticket availability. Be sure to read our complete Promotion Rules.



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