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A new series of webinars:
Understanding Network Challenges from 1G to 100G
Understanding Network Challenges

What's it all about?
The massive growth of the internet demand has consistently driven technologies to scale at extreme rates of bandwidth. Throughout this series we will cover a broad spectrum of transport technologies, solutions and equipment used in today’s networks from the physical layer to the network layer that address modern growth requirements. We will take a look into many of the challenges faced with scaling a network as well as building it from the ground up. This series is designed for: Network Technicians, Fiber Plant Managers, Outside Plant Managers, Network Architects, Network Design Engineers, Network Consultants, Network Managers, Presales Engineers, and Consultants who design, deploy, troubleshoot and operate optical networks.
Find the Solution that Works for You

Not all networks are created equally
Where is your data going? Throughout an office building? Across 1000km? How much data are you trying to transfer? Will you need to scale your network? The factors that dictate your network are unique to your network objectives. During this webinar series you will learn about the different network solutions for a variety of situations and the types of equipment implemented in fiber optic networks. 

Join Us on December 18, 2014 at 3PM EST for the Introduction to the Series

Register to Join the Introduction Webinar 
December 18, 2014

3:00 - 3:30 PM
Eastern Standard Time
 Registration Fee:
FREE to Attend


Stay Tuned for Upcoming Webinar Dates

We've got an entire series lined up for you - Coming in 2015!
Topics will include SCADA, CPRI, DWDM and CDWM technology, Can you Hack Fiber, an overview of MPLS vs. Carrier Ethernet, and Protected Wave vs. Diverse Wave. We are looking for suggestions of what YOU would like to see featured as a topic and will do our best to answer questions as we cover the material. If there is something you would like to see please email us at We are very excited for the kickoff of this series and are looking forward to speaking with everyone next week!


End of Year Products for End for Year Budgets

You have end-of-year budgets, we have end-of-year products
We know what those end-of-year budgets are like and the rush to get products in hand before the end of the year. has the most popular products in-stock & ready to ship. 

PON-301B "Triple-Play" PON Meter
High Performance. Great Value. UNBEATABLE PRICE.
Rugged, reliable and designed as a "pass-through" device, the PON-301B "Triple-Play" PON meter can perform in-service testing of all three PON wavelengths (1310/1490/1550nm) from anywhere within the network. The PON-301B also features a "Burst Mode," as well as instantaneous "Pass/Warning/Fail" assessment.
1310 nm*
1490 nm*
1550 nm* 
Stores +2,000 Records
Color  Display
USB Port
Color LED Indicators
Triple-Play PON Meter
OLP-55 Optical Power Meter
Power Meter

*PON Meter has been Calibrated  for the specific wavelength

Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet "Starter Kit" From EXFO
Why Stop At Optical? Your Data Doesn't
The Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet "Starter Kit" is a complete yet simple test kit for field technicians to easily turn up, validate and troubleshoot Gigabit Ethernet that includes EXFO’sFTB-1 Mainframe with FTB-860G Module ($6,140) and BV-10-1000 Performance Endpoint($595). Layer 2 bidirectional testing utilizing RFC-2544 or Y.1564 as well as individual tests are all possible up to 1GB with this starter kit.
FTB-1 Mainframe with FTB-860G Module
BV-10-1000 Performance Endpoint
1GB Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet "Starter Kit"
(FTB-1Mainframe w/FTB-860G Module + BV-10-1000 Performance Endpoint - Shown in banner)
1GB Kit Hardware Ready for 10 GigAdd-on$2,160*
10GB KitAdd-on$7,360*
1GB & 10GB KitAdd-on$10,760*
*Transceivers not included

Need to Try Before You Buy? Take a 72 Hour Road Test Simply contact your sales representative who will place a demo order with EXFO who will ship a Layer 2 Gigabit Starter Pack (or equivalent) for you to field trial for 3 days. After this time period, the unit must be shipped back to EXFO (return ship label will be included) Demo unit request will be fulfilled based on schedule and availability.

OFL280 FlexTester All-in-One OTDR
All-in-One OTDR Solution from AFL
Coming in a variety of configurations and customizations, the Noyes OFL280 FlexTester OTDR offers an unmatched combination of fiber optic test functions, ease-of-use, portability, and value. All Noyes OFL280 OTDR models include an integrated single-mode 1310/1550 nm OTDR with PON-optimized and standard test modes, optical SM power meter, 1310/1550 nm laser source, and visual fault locator. 

View all Noyes OFL280 SM OTDR Configurations

Easy, Cost-effective DWDM and CWDM Solutions from PacketLight
Easy, Cost-effective DWDM and CWDM Solutions 
The PL-1000 and PL-300 Series WDM Solutions from PacketLight are a cost-effective way to scale your existing network from 4λ - 6λ or more. PacketLight is very easy to deploy within existing infrastructures and better on power consumption — Great for going green! Reduce or eliminate network down-time and outages during network upgrades by using a 1U solution. Your customers will thank you! 

View all PacketLight DWDM and CWDM Solutions

Equip Three Techs for the Cost of an OTDR - PRO OBL-201A
Buy Three Optical Break Locators for the Cost of an OTDR 
The OBL-201A Optical Break Locator is a high-performance optical fiber troubleshooters for locating fiber breaks and imperfections. Break results and details are displayed on a large LCD screen. At only 10 oz, this unit is extremely portable and user-friendly. The USB port and included USB cable make it easy to transfer data and perform updates.
- Short Dead Zone - Less Than 3m
- Backlit for Easy Operation in Low Light
- Rechargeable Batteries
- Data Transfer via USB Interface
- Interchangeable (SC/ST/FC) Connectors
- Built in VFL Port

Continuing Education Credits

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cyber Monday - Special Offers All Month Long!

Cyber Monday Specials - All Month Long!
This year, isn't just giving you one day of deals - we are giving you special offers for the entire month of November! Take a look at our deals below...  

FREE Cleaning kit when you buy an Optical Break Locator from
Recieve a FREE Cleaning Kit When You Buy an Optical Break Locator
The OBL-201A from Precision Rated Optics is an affordable and practical tool that every technician should have. While the OBL does not replace an OTDR, it allows a technician to quickly and easily find major faults and expedite repairs.

You should always CLEAN before you CONNECT so we giving a PRO cleaning kit with every purchase — a savings of $268!

Three New Splicers from INNO
Three New Splicers from INNO
The new View Series of Fusion Splicers from INNO Instrument are some of the world's most advanced series of fusion splicers. Like the name says, they were designed with the digital viewing experience in mind. The View Series Fusion Splicers, the most dependable fusion splicers in the market, have the world's highest fiber image mangnification rate. The View Series Fusion Splicers are available at or 877-529-9114.
PRO Splicer Technician Kit
OTDR + Fusion Splicer COMBO
Two of the most basic fiber tools are an OTDR and a core alignment fusion splicer. Generally costing over $20,000 our PRO OFT-2SM-35 OTDR and PRO 730 splicer are just $9,995 for the pair!
At this price you can easily equip another technician in your group to be able to generate revenue for your company. This kit is ideal for the first-line optical fiber technician to perform installation and verification.

A Salute to Our Troops
A Salute to our Troops - Honoring All Who Serve and Have Served
This month we recognize Veteran’s Day and pay respect to those that have given their service to our country. To show our thanks we are giving FREE TFS certifications to any armed forces personnel who sign up for a training class with Announces Distribution Partnership with RAD Announces Distribution Partnership with RAD
For over 30 years the RAD group has been providing a variety of telecom solutions for Carrier Ethernet, Mobile, Utilities, and transportation market. is very excited to being working with RAD and the products that they offer. Look for RAD prodcut promotions in our future newsletters.

Continuing Education Credits

Friday, October 24, 2014

Upcoming Webinar: Understanding Bandwidth Limitations

October 2014 Webinar:

Understanding Bandwidth Limitations

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 @ 3:00 PM EDT

Understanding Bandwidth Limitations

Understanding Bandwidth Limitations

Join us on Wednesday, October 29th, at 3:00pm EDT for our continuing education webinar on understanding Bandwidth Limitations.

How far can I run my fiber? What data rates are possible on my system? Can I turn up my existing plant to 40G? This webinar will address the factors that limit distance and bandwidth in a fiber network.

To Register for the Webinar: Registration Page

Membership Webinars

If you enjoy our webinars, consider signing up for a Membership. For $500.00 a year you will get access to exclusive Members-Only Webinars, How-To videos, Free Certification Renewal, 10% OFF Precision Rated Optics Hand-held Equipment and much more! 

Call 877-529-9114 to become a member today!
More information: Membership Brochure

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Make No Payments for 3 Months

Through December 31, 2014, Finance Your Order with NO MONEY DOWN!
With no required down payment*, make no payments for three months on fiber optic equipment purchases until 2015. PRESERVE CASH and get the equipment you need quickly and easily today! Call for more details: (877) 529-9114. 

The Best Valued OTDR on the Market - Now, With Even More!
Introducing the testing solution with the biggest bang for your buck. The PRO testing solution is equipped with a VFL, video inspection probe, launch box, cleaning kit and, this OTDR comes with a PM module and LS module built in! >> PRO-5350 OTDR
>> PRO Video Inspection Probe
>> PRO Launch Box
>> PRO Cleaning Kit

AFL Testing Solution Fusion Splicer
The Data Center OTDR
For those working in data centers, this testing solution is the perfect fit. This kit comes equipped with DFS1 Digital FiberScope, launch box and a cleaning kit - everything to get you started on testing today! >> NOYES M310 SM OTDR
>> DFS1 Digital FiberScope
>> PRO Launch Box
>> PRO Cleaning Kit

EXFO Testing Solution
Designed for Efficiency 
The FTB-1 modular platform can keep up with your ever-changing testing needs. With a galaxy of modules available and optional software packages, the FTB-1 is your 1-stop testing solution. >> FTB-1 OTDR
>> EXFO Digital Video Probe
>> PRO Launch Box
>> PRO Cleaning Kit

Continuing Education Credits

In conjunction with Marlin Equipment Finance:
* Each transaction must be credit approved for the deferral to be eligible for this promotion. Minimum transaction size of $5,000. Credit & equipment restrictions apply. Valid on leases booked between 10/1/2014 and 12/31/2014.
** Prices vary upon equipment selected. $1.00 Buyout purchase option. Credit Approval Required. Rates for businesses with 2 years tenure. Offer valid through 12/31/14. Documentation fee of up to $250 required.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Deadline Extended: Brooklyn, NY Oct 6 - 9


This is your last chance in 2014 for Certified Fiber Optic Training in Brooklyn, New York
Upcoming Dates:
Fiber Optic Installer
October 6 - 9, 2014

 Price: $1,500*

TFS and ETA Certifications**

Located At:

*Pricing does not include certifications

**Available for $150.00 each
Certified Fiber Optic Installer
Fiber Optic Installer (TR-CFI)

Certified Fiber Optic Installer training is designed for those who design, install, or maintain fiber optic systems. Certification identifies you as an installer who demonstrates a practical knowledge of fiber optic theory, codes, standards and practices widely accepted in the telecommunications industry today.

To Register, email 
or call 877-529-9114

* Limit 1 Power Meter per company. No cash value. This offer is not valid with any other offers, promotions, or discounts. Offer may expire without notice. Must be valid US Citizen and over 18 years of age.

Connect with us:  |  (877) 529-9114  |