Friday, December 2, 2011

New Intelligent Optical Link Mapper Can Make Any Technician An Expert

The current demand for home networks is requiring a widespread deployment of FTTH links. This happens to be the most challenging type of link to test and is usually reserved for the most advanced fiber optic technicians. To get the most complete network characterization, a few things need to happen:
  1. Several OTDR measurements must be taken with different OTDR pulses. This can be extremely time-consuming and complicated, especially for one technician. 
  2. The technician needs to have the experience and ability to properly select the test parameters and then accurately analyze the test results.
As most technicians are currently moving from a copper to fiber background, they do not yet have the knowledge to perform these tasks. With over 70 million homes that need to be connected before 2014, this shortage of able technicians creates a problem.

Thankfully, the FTB-730 OTDR now has new software that takes all the complicated work out of OTDR testing. The iOLM or intelligent Optical Link Mapper software will revolutionize the way OTDR trace analysis is performed. The iOLM automatically performs link recognition, sets test parameters and launches multiple acquisitions. This means in just one click, you can connect, check power readings, get a link map and find the fault.

Because the iOLM is programmed with a database of network failures, after trace analysis is completed iOLM guides you through a step-by-step problem solving process. iOLM minimizes to possibility for errors and maximizes a technician's accuracy and efficiency, making an technician an expert regardless of the level of training and experience.
What's the best part? This method is up to six times faster than current OTDR testing methods, features a user friendly interface is available at a lower price than similar products on the market. If you're ready to take advantage of this time saving technology, please contact us at for more information.