Monday, August 10, 2015

August Newsletter - Hot Summer Deals!

This Month's Solution from The President:  
It's that time of year again for outside plant construction and installation. This year when you go to purchase your supplies and equipment, as your primary supplier and take advantage of our low prices on thousands of products.

Need to order multiples of supplies? Let be your stocking agent. If you have a large order to place, but you don't need it shipped all at the same time, can act as your "warehouse" for your purchased supplies. Just work with one of our sales representatives to get the solution that fits your specific needs.

At we are all about tailoring your sales experience to what works for you. We realize the products and solutions that work for one company, may not necessarily work for yours. We provide individualized salesSOLUTIONS. Acting as your stocking agent is just one of the ways can customize services for your company. Even if you're not sure what you need, our sales support staff has decades of experience in the field and can design a solution for you. That's what we're here for! Give us a call today at 877-529-9114 and let us help you with your next project!
To help get you started, take a look below at our suggested items from We don't just sell products, we design solutions!

Chris LaBonge, President

Fiber Optic Product, Training and Rental Solutions 
Buy One, Get One 50% OFF!
Procuring supplies for an upcoming job or stocking up for the season? Here is your chance to save 50% on selected products, tools and training from Call 877-529-9114 or email to apply the discount to your order. 
• 100 Splice Sleeves
• PRO-CT-001 Cassette Cleaner
• Quick Clicks (1.25mm & 2.5mm)
• Launch Box
• Patchcords
• Attenuators
• Pigtails
• Cable Raider
• FiberBase®
• Training on Technician-Level TFS Courses Stocks hundreds of Outside Plant Products
Don't forget that regularly stocks hundreds of outside plant enclosures and tools. Check out some of our most popular products below! 
• NEMA-4 Wall-Mount Enclosure Single
• NEMA-4 Wall-Mount Enclosure 4-Panel
• OSP Fiber Optic Tool Kit
• Armored Cable Slitter
• Multilink Sno-Shoe®
• Starfighter Minibutt Splice Tray
• Breakaway Pulling Swivel
• Coyote Runt Closure Kit
• Cleaning Kit with 400x Microscope
• Splice-On Connectors

Document Your OSP Network with FiberBase® Solution Provider Package Every network needs good documentation. The days of paper plans and memorized networks are antiquated and inefficient. With the increasing need to be able to quickly create, edit, and export your network, a proper network documenting software is absolutely essential. Now with the Solution Provider Package you get all the advantages of FiberBase and virtually double your money simultaneously!

For every dollar you spend on licensing, you'll receive one SPP Credit that you can apply to products, services and training offered through the Adtell Group. Apply your SPP Credits to data migration services and let us do the hard work for you. When we're done all you'll have to do is edit and maintain your network. 

FiberBase Benefit Highlights
  • Hierarchically List Your Fiber Assets from Map Regions to Signals on a Cable
  • Perform Complex Queries on Your Network Infrastructure
  • Reduce Truck Rolls
  • Locate Outages Quickly and Accurately from OTDR Traces
  • Integrate with Networking Monitoring Services
Solution Provider Package (SPP) 
  • "One-Stop Shop"
  • Earn one SPP Credit for every dollar you spend
  • Apply SPP Credits to products, training and services
  • Use SPP Credits for data migration
  • Effectively double your money

Continuing Education Credits