Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Product Alert: The NEW FTB-1 From Exfo

EXFO has unleashed a new world class handheld testing platform. The system is geared for the front line technician and combines a variety of modules aimed at the FTTX and Ethernet testing market . The FTB-1 gives these technicians the ability to execute test routines, process results, and generate reports simply and efficiently. Use of the Blue tooth data mover allows users to quickly move test data from the platform to a smart phone or PCs for upload to a server or central office while still deployed within the field.

The Exfo FTB-1 interface has been designed to be simple and straightforward, whereby a user is able to pick up the unit and with the minimum of training to be able to perform tests straight away. The 7-inch (175mm) TFT touch screen is enhanced to make viewing outdoors easier. Coupled with long battery life (8 Hrs Otdr & 4 Hrs 10 GigE), the Exfo FTB-1 also features Internet Explorer for web access and a one-touch screen capture facility.

FTTH testing using the FTB-730 PON FTTx/MDU OTDR module

With a dynamic range of up to 39 dB and enabling power meter and visual fault locator functionalities, the FTB-730 PON FTTx/MDU OTDR module allows fiber installers to seamlessly characterize splitters in PON FTTx and multiple dwelling unit (MDU) applications.

Ethernet testing up to 10G using FTB-860 NetBlazer Ethernet Tester module

Offering comprehensive, yet simple test suites, the FTB-860 NetBlazer Ethermet Tester enables field technicians to quickly and easily turn up, validate and troubleshoot Ethernet services, with full EtherSAM capabilities, from 10 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s.

It’s the one—the FTB-1 Platform. Let us show you how this unit saves you time and money. Call us today if you’d like to hear more or would like to see a Demo!

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