Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Rugged Fusion Splicer

Introducing the FSM-60 and FSM-18 series – fusion splicing is redefined!
AFL Telecommunications sets a higher standard with Fujikura’s new series of core alignment and fixed V-groove fusion splicers. Offering unmatched versatility and reliability, the FSM-60 and FSM-18 series withstand a 30” drop test and continue splicing! With ruggedized edges around the corners, the new splicers are ideal for field splicing where accidents tend to happen.
With the rugged construction, the new splicer series provide shock, dust and moisture resistance, further enhancing productivity in the field. New software provides the ability to download splice data to a PC for splice data reporting, download splicer operating software via the internet to maintain peak performance, and download video images from the splicer to enhance technical support. In addition, new features such as the user-selectable fiber clamping method (sheath clamp or fiber holder system), simultaneous battery charge and splicer operation, automatic arc calibration and fiber identification, and auto-start tube heater, makes this the productivity tool to count on!

FSM-18S Fusion Splicer The FSM-18S Fusion Splicer is a low cost, fixed V-groove, single fiber fusion splicer with the same robust features offered in other high end models. The new rugged construction adds improved reliability by resisting shock, dust, and rain, and withstands a 30” drop test.
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FSM-60R12 Fusion Splicer The FSM-60R12 Fusion Splicer offers unmatched versatility and reliability. The new ribbon splicer withstands a drop test of up to 30” and continues to splice. And enhanced, robust features enable the FSM-60R12 to resist shock, dust, and rain so that unfortunate environmental conditions do not negatively impact productivity.
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FSM-60S Fusion Splicer The FSM-60S Fusion Splicer sets the standard for core alignment fusion splicing by incorporating a user-friendly interface with enhanced features to provide the most rugged and reliable fusion splicer in the market today. The new rugged construction adds improved reliability by resisting shock, dust, and rain, and can withstand a 30” drop test.
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