Thursday, June 19, 2008

What should I do to maintain my fiber?

There are many ways of being proactive when it comes to fiber plant. However, because of the durability and low maintenance requirements fiber stewards are frequently rolling the dice and taking a wait and see attitude.

Here are a few ways you can get in front of problems.

Third Party Testing Services:
My wife's a teacher, and she doesn't let her kids grade their own tests. However, we IT professionals think little about separating the conflict of interest in having the same individual install and test installations or performance. I have been in way to many closets to think this is a waste of effort. The craftsmanship of some fiber installations leaves much to be desired.

Fiber Optic Testing and Documentation (OTDR, PM & LS)
  1. Require a bi-directional OTDR trace
  2. Require a PM & LS test to verify core power levels
  3. Require an image of the connector endface prior to testing (ensures the contractor cleans the endface prior to testing)
  4. If testing Multimode fiber, ensure your contractor is using a mandrel
  5. When testing with an OTDR, ensure a launch box is being used (1km - SM, 150m - MM)
Network configuration and maintenance
  1. Consult a certified RCDD before making any adds moves and changes, especially when upgrading speed on Multimode fiber
  2. Consider a performance contract with a company to ensure they are recommending the appropriate equipment (If performance is low or equipment is faulty, the integrator will replace the hardware)
  3. Schedule annual maintenance with a third party to ensure schedules are kept.
Services designed to support the IT professional in maintenance, documentation, installation and testing.

OTDR Trace Analysis & Off-site Storage
OTDR Trace Analysis
Interpretation Services
File Storage (Off-site Backup)
Comparison Analysis (Compare benchmark to current trace)
Report Generation
OTDR analysis and storage services for IT professionals interested in a second opinion or off-site storage of network trace files. If traced are completed and stored for future reference, emergency restoration, annual maintenance and management, prevention of degradation are all made easier.

Consulting and Project Management Services:
The following is a list of consulting services offered through
Design Consulting Services
Project Management Services

Consulting and project management services for IT professionals interested in leveraging the experience of fiber optic professionals.
CONTACT: Chris LaBonge - 215.499.8959 or
NOTE: Services provided by Adtell Integration -

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